~ Md. Shahadat Hossain- Chittagong Outsourcing Training Center, SEO Training In Bangladesh.

I am starting by the name of the most benevolent and omniscient Allah. Kind-hearted Allah has created mankind.  Then Allah has bestowed us with knowledge to differentiate between right and wrong.  Education removes our ignorance and ennobles our mind. It refines our sensibility, develops our thoughts and helps to be a complete man. Education is not confined to any formal institution. The whole world is an educational institution. 

The knowledge of online outsourcing deserves to be a unique illustration of education. This knowledge creates an avenue for a man to be complacent and financially solvent. If truth be told it’s a wonderful and excellent opportunity to earn money staying at home or office. I believe that the development of a country largely depends on modern technology.  The more a country develops in technology, the richer it becomes. In fact the economy of the whole world surprisingly depends on modern information technology.

Using technology has made our life easy and aristocratic. In this new era of information technology, we get mobile as the best media of speaking and digital letter writing. But did the people of hundred years ago ever think of such kind of technology? Today technology has so developed that mobile is not worthy enough. Today men are researching the outer space seating on the land with the help of satellite. However we don’t want to research about outer space. We want to research about online outsourcing.