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PTC (Paid to Click)

PTC stands for paid to click. Of the online outsourcing activities, PTC is the easiest one. Here one can earn just clicking and viewing advertisements. To speak frankly, one can draw very meager amount through PTC if one doesn’t have strong referrals.   One will be paid only one dollar by PTC sites of the global outsourcing market if one clicks thousand advertisements. To earn one dollar from any PTC site, you have to spend around two months. Many a PTC site of the global outsourcing market deceives online earners. They don’t pay after work. But there are some trusted PTC sites which never decoy their clients. Almost all PTC sites of the online outsourcing market follow some techniques to shoot up their business. One of them is referral. If any visitor is registered under any PTC site through your banner link, both of you will be paid by the PTC site against the visitor’s clicks. The more referrals you have, the higher your income will be. If you have many referrals, you can earn around $1 to $20 per day from a trusted PTC site. Your income will be startlingly higher if you are registered under more than one trusted PTC site. The name of three well trusted PTC sites is given below. Go to the link and be registered now to earn much money.

In our online outsourcing training course, we instruct our learners how to be registered member of trusted PTC sites, how to derive html banner link code from PTC sites, how to place it in website or blog, how to attract visitors and how to increase referral earning day by day.