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PPC (Pay Per Click)

The man who has a personal website or a business website can earn through displaying advertisements in his website. There are many sites in global outsourcing market which are ready to pay you if you display their advertisements in your website. It is widely known as PPC (Pay Per Click). To earn from your website via PPC, at first you have to be registered under PPC (Pay Per Click) service providers. Then they will give you html code. You have to tag this html code at any part of your blog or website in order to display the advertisement of intended PPC service providers. Whenever any visitor clicks the displayed advertisement, you will get money. Your income may vary from 10 cents to 1 dollar per click. With the help of Google keyword tool, you can justify by yourself the significance of any keyword.

Google is predominating over internet. According to alexa ranking, it is in the topmost position in the world and so thousands of millions of internet users are using google. Besides, many business firms all over the world pay google to advertize their products and services through google adward program. Google receives advertisements from clients via google adward program and distributes advertisements to publishers through google adsense program.

The idea of PPC is related to google adsense program. Google gives publishers advertisements considering their blogs or websites. If you have a blog or website on cars, google will give you car related ads. If any visitor clicks the ad given on your website or blog, you will get $.20 to $1. If you have 100 websites or blogs and the advertisements given on every site are clicked by at least 5 visitors, now imagine how much your income will be. Your income must be around $100 daily. Practical classes on PPC will be held at our training center.